Randa Meetings 2014 – Impressions


Although a couple of days have passed since I returned from Randa, Switzerland, I had in mind long before to make a small blog post about my experience there.

For those who don’t know, the Randa Meetings are yearly events where KDE developers gather together to hack on their projects under the same roof and surrounded by the wonderful Swiss Alps.


This was my first time at Randa and I can say that it was the greatest week in this summer. I met a bunch of awesome folks who are not only great programmers but also wonderful people to spend the time with. I had a great time coding on Marble alongside my GSoC mentors, Torsten Rahn and Dennis Nienhüser, my GSoC colleague Sanjiban and other KDEdu guys. I also enjoyed talking to developers from other KDE departments which were present at Randa, such as KDE Books, KDE SDK, KDE Frameworks 5 Port, etc.


Other cool things? There were A LOT and I’m sure I will miss something, but I’ll mention some of them: the daily walks which gave us the opportunity to admire the amazing view, the table football, the internet connection (haha, oh, it’s fine, we use git 🙂 ), the food (oh, yeah!), the beer (FreeBeer is one of the greatest beers I have ever drunk) and, of course, the Swiss chocolate.



I want to thank very much to Mario Fux who organizes these meetings since 2009 and contributed a lot to my participation since I heard about this year’s meeting after the registrations had closed and he still offered to organize the accommodation for me. So, thanks once again Mario. I’d also want to thank everyone present at Randa this year for this great experience. This was my first participation in a KDE event but not the last one for sure :).

Best Regards,
Călin Cruceru


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