GSoC – “Properties” option on polygons

Hello everyone!

Even though I have been a little bit less active during the last week due to my end of semester exams, I have managed to implement a new option on drawn polygons – Properties. This makes possible the customization of a polygon by setting any color for both polygon lines and its inner surface, as well as adjusting their opacity and, in the case of lines, its width.

This is how the option and its associated edit dialog are shown:


I think its usability is pretty intuitive so I will let these pictures speak for me:


Pretty sweet, huh? 🙂
I am waiting suggestions for possible improvements or other completely new features regarding polygon customization.

At the suggestion of richard I added a screenshot from the OSM. It will offer much more accessibility when I will finish implementing the possibility of adding nodes to an already drawn polygon as well as other features which I am planning to work on in the near future.


Călin Cruceru


3 thoughts on “GSoC – “Properties” option on polygons

  1. richard says:

    Yes, those polygons are quite pretty as polygons can be. 🙂

    What about (mulit-) lines and circles/ellipses?

    A nice use I would like to see, would be for instance the planning of bicycle tour: lets meet here (circle), go this way (several connected lines) and picnic around here (circle). This drawing then I would like to share with my friends (via telepathy, etc…).


    Would be nice to see some screenshots at a more zoomed-in level and maybe also on an OSM layer. Yours look like planning for world-domination. 😉

    • I added an Edit with a screenshot from the OSM. See it above!

      Thank you also for the other features you mentioned. I will definitely take them into consideration.

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